“There is a revolution going on in the world and it’s coming from the grass roots. It’s the revolution of the sustainable entrepreneurs, mainly women,

and it’s about personal growth as well as an economic tool.


It’s the feminine way to create business.”


Quote by Lynne Franks

(Founder of SEED-

Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics)

About Excelsya


We aim to:


•ENABLE them with creative BUSINESS TOOLS



Established in 2009, Excelsya was borne out of a passion to provide access to business information for women, (especially mums) and making it more female friendly. We do this by researching and compiling helpful business information into directories, booklets and resources to enable busy women and mums to venture into the world of business or social enterprise.


We provide tools that is mindful of the particular challenges that they face and is not meant as a statement to exclude men but simply a way of addressing a need of a particular client group. We understand that some women identify better with other women who have been in their shoes and overcame the same obstacles to create their dream business.


We also believe in learning from and connecting with a wide range of entrepreneurs from different countries, cultures and discovering new trends and tools used for business solutions. Technology and social media for instance, has transformed the lives and progress particularly of mums in business, helping them achieve success in their unique circumstances and businesses. This in turn has developed into a self-perpetuating industry of women empowering other women into business.


Why women?

Excelsya is women centric for 3 simple reasons:

  1. Women are different from men not just because their bodies are different but also mostly in their different attributes and perspectives on a variety of topics including in business. Their different perspective is an important contribution to the business world. Women themselves, need to recognise their contribution.
  2. This is quite simply niche-marketing, except this niche is growing in enormous potential, especially in the largest market segment - mums in business or mumpreneurs.
  3. It is generally accepted that there is a large gender gap in the number of women business owners to men. This gap varies around the globe but in social enterprise, the gap is much narrower. This is a global issue, many goverments around the world see the potential benefits to their economies, when more women are enabled to contribute financially.



We like to work with a network of other likeminded and inspirational entrepreneurs to promote and support each other in business.


Some of our other inspirational entrepreneurs we admire include:



Excelsya is a company built on principles of providing innovative products and excellent service. Our diversified product range continues to grow as we respond to the needs of our customers, changing business climate and watching trends. We are obsessed about new information and new business solutions. We look to see the BIGGER PICTURE, so if don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us anyway, we may be able to put you in touch with other business people in the know. Chances are you may not be the only one with that request!


You can find out more about us at our other sites:

Female Friendly Business- www.femalefreindlybusiness.co.uk

Brainstorm4Business- www.brainstorm4business.co.uk

About the Founder



Olivia King-Boateng (B.A. Hons) is a mum, business information consultant, author, publisher, and serial entrepreneur.


She is passionate about business and writes for and produces other publications. Her first book, ‘The Ultimate Women’s Business Information Directory’, is the first in a series of business information directories with women specific and industry specific theme.


It’s not a textbook, it starts where most small business end- at the essential and useful list of resources to get you started on your dream business. There is no other book like in the UK!


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Contact details:

Email: Olivia@excelsya.co.uk


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